Electronics manufacturing

Printed circuit board assembly

Printed circuit board assembly

We manufacture electronics, especially according to your wishes and requirements. The assembly of circuit boards, whether in SMD or THT, is our core business.

  • 1 inline SMD assembly line
  • 1 stencil paste printer
  • 2 fully automatic assembly machines
  • 1 reflow system
  • Offline programming
  • Fine pitch assembly 0.3 with prism system
  • Processing of component sizes from 0402
  • BGA, CSP (Micro-BGA), Flip Chips

  • All soldering operations are lead-free
  • Equipping, hand soldering and gluing components
  • Selective solder wave

  • Double solder wave
  • Optical inspection system Quins, Lynx
  • Dispenser system
  • Hand assembler Fritsch SMD and THT



Platinen-bearbeitung und Reparatur

Platinenbearbeitung und Reparatur

Your PCB has to be protected against environmental influences, it needs to be mechanically worked on?, or new conductor tracks has to be added by hand? All these and many other services can be done by e-tec engineering.

Some operating conditions of electronic components and assemblies make it necessary to protect them from harmful environmental influences such as moisture, mechanical stress, vibrations, dirt and acids. For these special cases we offer the protective coating of assemblies. The coating protects the assembled boards, which results in a higher durability.

Wenn sie Leiterplatten mechanisch bearbeiten wollen. Oder bei ihrer bestehenden Platine mechanische Änderungen vorgenommen werden müssen, können wir das gerne für sie übernehmen.

We Pull new conductive tracks by hand, drill boards, expose layers and much more.

Prototype production

e-tec bietet einen durchgängigen Service von der Entwicklung bis zum fertiggestellten Prototypen.

Cable assembly & device assembly

Wir planen, entwickeln und produzieren einbaufertige Kabel, Kabelbündel und komplexe Kabelbäume mit Abzweigungen - nach Ihren speziellen Anforderungen oder als Standardanschlusskabel. Zudem montieren wir für unsere Kunden Geräte und Systeme miteinander.

Cable assembly comprises a wide range of processing steps - from stripping, connecting, crimping, plugging. Even till the insulating and protecting process. Here we have established ourselves on the market as a reliable partner for our customers with the highest quality standards. We not only realize standard solutions, but also prototypes, small and big series and special cable construction within the shortest time.

All assembly tasks are executed within a team. Electronic and mechanical components getting assembled, software is installed, mechanical work carried out and the devices are packed ready for the end customer and shipped worldwide.

Material procurement

Material procurement

In cooperation with many long-term partners, we can easily procure all materials for your projects.

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